In order to find proper training and perform exercises correctly, it is important to know what the Abs muscles are. This is the rectus abdominis, the external and internal obliques, and the transverse abdominis.

The muscles of the abdomen differ from the other muscles because it is a muscle that supports the spine and maintains the stability of the trunk. This means they are used a lot, they are made of special fibers.
While we train our legs, or biceps or chest once or twice a week to see the results, Abs training should often be seen to see results. We should motivate them normally, if we want to get a flat stomach. Therefore, we need to do rehabilitation and training 3-4 times a week.
Moreover, you have to understand that by doing exercise such as stress or a bike, it is impossible to train all four Abs muscles at once. If you want to have an average appearance section, you should do a variety of exercises.
It’s also important how often we do it. Typically, a repetition of 15-30 is suggested depending on the exercise. This number of repetitions helps to strengthen muscles and tone them effectively while burning fat in the abdomen. In most cases, there is no need to use weights because body exercises provide sufficient resistance to training.
Now let’s see the Abs area separately and what kinds of exercises are best for them.
Straight Abs muscle
This is the largest muscle covering the stomach that we can turn into Six Pack. We can separate it into two parts, lower and upper abdomen. It is responsible for moving the rib cage towards the pelvis. It is more commonly used Abs wall muscles.
External and internal slant muscle

Slanted muscles can be found on the right and left side of the abdomen. Internal buttons can be seen. These muscles are responsible for rotation and bending in the trunk. If you train effectively diagonally, you will have a thinner and lower waistline.
Thin abdominal muscles

The deeper and finer muscle, it is under the muscle of the straight abdomen is used a lot when we do basic exercises such as exercise board.
Now go to the abdominal exercises, click on the exercise link to see how the performance and tips when done.

Abdominal Exercises :

  • Stability Ball Crunch
  • Side Bend with Dumbbell
  • Crunch On Bench
  • Pressure with the two legs above the balance ball (Crunches with Legs on Stability Ball)
  • Cross Body Crunch
  • Seated Ab Crunch with Cable
  • Bent Knee Hip Raise
  • Sliding on the knees (Ab Rollout on Knees with Barbell)
  • Ab Rollout with Barbell
  • Bike (Air Bike)
  • Ball Pull In
  • Stationary Abdominal Draw In
  • Leg Raises Exercise
  • Side Plank Exercise

Questions And Answers

Why are my abdominal muscles uneven?
Do not worry most people have uneven abdominal muscles. Continue to work on the abdominal muscles and do the same exercises for both sides.
How to gain larger abdominal muscles quickly?
By doing different abdominal exercises. There are some difficult exercises but they are aimed at the abdomen in a bigger way. You can use weights if you want larger abdominal muscles.
How do you know if your Abs routine works?
If you feel that your basic muscles are tired and there is little pain in them, then your training is useful. If you have muscle stress the next day, it also shows that you have treated these muscles efficiently.
On the other hand, this does not always mean you will get a flat belly or a Six-Pack. In order to get a great looking belly, you’ll have to get rid of the fat that covers your muscles, and you can do this by doing cardio and having a healthy diet.
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How long is the abdominal exercise?
Again quality is more important than quantity. You can do basic exercises every day for 30 minutes. If you make the movements incorrectly, you will not notice any results.
The time that you should be doing the abdominal protein depends on how your abdominal muscles look now. If you are covered with fat, you will have to spend more time with cardio and you should have a healthy diet.
If you already have a flat stomach without fat, you may need to spend less time with your Abs exercises. In most cases, it is only 5-20 minutes.
When will I see the results?
This is one of the most frequently asked questions, but it is difficult to know because it depends on your body type, your lifestyle, how many times you train, what you consume, and many other factors.
What is the best time for Abs exercise?
I think the best time is after cardio exercises, but you can get a belly routine on a separate day with cardio (which is especially useful for burning fat).
Can I do the same routine for a long time?
Well, if you have a routine that works and you see excellent results, then you can. However, in my opinion it is always good to add some change to the routine.