It is always impressive to see a large and well defined back muscle. Men love having a strong chest or showing off their big arms. However, women prefer men with abdominal muscles shaped like chocolate.

Luckily, we are not here to satisfy them. We are here to build a V-shaped back, which is definitely within the list of your fitness goals.
The bodybuilding site has prepared a rigorous exercise program to build a large back muscle. There is no magic formula; you have to do the right exercises and perform them well and hard work will do the rest.

back muscles

In order to develop a strong back, it is important to build supply and fish for these muscles.
The back is divided into four distinct muscle groups:
 Lats: The top of the V shape of the back. Exercises are performed with a wide grip that gives you these amazing wings.
Bottom of the Sniper: This part is very close to the lower back. To develop it, you should perform back exercises with a reverse grip.
Mid-back: These muscles are above the lower back. Drag exercises are often used to build your middle back.
Lower back: As the name implies, the lower back is where the V shape begins. The movements where you bend at the waist will help you build this muscle group.

Work on width and thickness of the back

The beautiful back is a perfect combination of size and symmetry. So when you are trained, it is important to work on the width and thickness of all muscle groups.
Here are two different ways to train your back:
Back Width: For a wide back, you should do your exercises with a wide grip.
Back thickness: In contrast to the wide grip, the narrow fist will help you get a thick back.
During this exercise we will focus our efforts on the full back. We will work both supply and thickness.

Train with basic exercises

If you want to build your back, you do not need a complicated training routine. Even legend Arnold Schwarzenegger was constantly hitting his back with basic exercises. In this exercise, we will use complex movements necessary to build the muscles of your back.

Work rate and comfort

In this exercise we will target 6 to 15 repetitions, depending on the exercise. As the back muscles are large, we will put between minutes and 1:30 minutes of time of rest after each group.
Then you have 2:30 minutes of rest between exercises.

How to Protect your back

The best way to warm your back is to start exercising back exercises with light weights. If you will begin to work through your sucker; you can heat them with 3 sets of 15-20 repetition workout exercises.
Note: Focus on getting a good shape when performing exercises. If you’re doing a bent over barbell row workout, keep your back straight and keep your head. This exercise is not recommended, along with a fatal boost exercise for people with back problems.

الرفعة المميتة (Barbell Deadlift)
Barbell Deadlift
Number of groups: 4 | Number of duplicates: 6-8

العقلة (Pullups)
Number of groups: 4 | Number of occurrences: 6-12
التجديف بالبار (Bent Over Barbell Row)
Bent Over Barbell Row
Number of groups: 4 | Number of duplicates: 8-12
سحب أمامي بالكابل (Seated Cable Row)
Seated Cable Row
Number of groups: 4 | Number of duplicates: 8-12
سحب الكابل العالي (Lat Pulldown)
High Pull Cable (Lat Pulldown)
Number of groups: 4 | Number of occurrences: 12-15