Hello, friends Welcome to another weekly post. let me tell you thats this month we will talk only about vegan dishes and recipes, I spend my time to search and try this recipe and I hope thats I will give you My best …
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Enjoy the Best Veg Dishes

vegan potato salad

This tasty and creamy potato salad with corn, beans, avocado and radish, and topped with a vegan mayonnaise.

Vegan shepherd’s pie

this a lot of of veggies in one dish and that’s make it very tasty and super healthy

Vegan chilli con ‘carne’

easy family dinner, try this vegan chilli con ‘carne’, which is ready in under an hour.

Vegan Japanese fried rice

this one of the best dishes based on rice lot of protein and carbo and a lot of tasty food

Vegan pasta salad 

This easy vegan pasta salad avocado for midweek meals, and will easily win over the meat-eaters.

Vegan bolognaise

spaghetti bolognese the vegan version try it .

Vegan pesto

fresh basil and pine nuts, our vegan basil pesto is packed with flavour very smoothly.

Vegan super bowl

this veg dishes content rice and a lot of veggies , avocado, peas, ginger that’s mean that’s super veg dishes

Vegan super soup

this winter with this power soup, packed with sweet potato, barley and kale yummy

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