From the early days of its evolution, veganism has always been a contrasting factor in the perspective of bodybuilding. However, some of the most visionary Vegetarian bodybuilders actually changed this way of thinking. Jon Venus is among one of them as you will find him as ripped as you can get and has been in veganism for many years. We can definitely infer that you can gain lean muscle or reduced body fat while being confined to veganism.

The methodology also addresses your health concerns as well. One of the most important benefits of vegan bodybuilding is that it can drastically reduce the risk of chronic degenerative diseases such as coronary artery disease, hypertension, and diabetes mellitus. You would be astonished to know that it can help you cure some types of cancers as well. It alsoserves as the strongest supporter of animal rights and compels us to be being kind to them and achieve our fitness goals without any guilt in our heart and mind.

Moreover, it also paves way for the availability of food to the people who are starving to death.Veganism out of many contributions also provides shelter for drastically reducing rain forests and national medical-care cost. After hearing it out, do you think we can really drift away from Veganism? But the biggest question remains, whether a successful bodybuilder can be a vegetarian or not? You will surely come to know at the end of this article.

Challenges faced by Vegetarian Bodybuilders:


It is a commonly accepted theory these days that veganism in any way doesn’t reduce your ability to add muscles. Veganism in any manner doesn’t affect your nutritional values nor does it stop you frombuilding muscles and becoming bulkier. We haven’t ever seen the back side of the story or the struggle that Vegetarian bodybuilders face. So, now let us unfold that.

The highest quality of protein available to them is no where matched to chicken or eggs as it only stands at 117. They face a daunting task of perfecting on the amino acid profiles in everything they eat. So, they can combine food throughout the day to fulfill the amino acids’ requirements.

Not getting enough protein due to their caloric budget is another key challenge to vegetarian bodybuilders. They have to extract proteins through healthy means;therefore, they have to be very disciplined about their nutrition to ensure sufficient protein with lesser calories and to ensure that everything is acquired from vegan sources.


Debunking the Many Myths:

There have been many misconceptions about veganism and a majority of them are untrue. It is due to these myths and misconceptions that people refrain from turning vegan and aiming for bodybuilding through a vegan diet.Let’s debunk some of the most common misconceptions associated with vegetarian bodybuilding.

  • Vegetarians get insufficient level of protein: Interestingly the answer is NO. As the plant-based foods provide abundance of proteins, enough to fulfill the requirement of your body. Vegetables accounts for 23% on an average, beans 28%, and grains and fruit 13% and 5.5% respectively.

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  • Veganism disrupts your workout: In contrast to this, veganism has always been popular in term of fueling energy. It provides you a strength level that you can do heavy workouts without being lazy.

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  • There isn’t sufficient fat in a vegetarian diet: It is basically an advantage rather than a drawback. Vegetarian diet is the most balanced form of diet that we can get as it contains complex carbohydrates, protein, and fat. These are the three macro nutrients that are the pillars of any dietary plan.

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  • Vegetables have more Carbs that make us fat: Definitely not! Especially the ones found in fruits and vegetables are not as fattening as a lot of non-vegetarian food sources. Only refined carbs basically increase your body weight.
  • Non-meat diet cannot satisfy hunger: If you feel hunger pangs, it definitely means that you are not getting enough fiber, fat or protein. So, if you feel starved grab a handful of nuts. The are full of fiber, protein and healthy fats. Meat has nothing to do with satisfying hunger pangs for long.

Also, many think that vegetarian diet is boring as it doesn’t offer too many appetizing options. The fact is that people don’t analyze that a partial vegetarian even enjoys larger variety of food than any typical meat-eater.

Vegetarian Bodybuilding- A Complete Nutrition Program

Many food sources that are important in vegan bodybuilding are actually health beneficial in more than one respects, and much more nutritional than conventional meat-based or dairy sources. Let’s check out the main food sources that vegan bodybuilders turn to for achieving bulkier body.


  • Soy an Important Source of Amino Acids

Planning your vegetarian diet can play a very important part in getting the desired results. Grains, legumes, seeds, and vegetables provide a source of variety of amino acids.  This combination would make up for amino acids even if you missed it in one meal. You would be interested to know that PDCAAS (Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score) one of the measurement scales for protein quality has rated soy 1.0 (the highest) safely beating beef standing at 0.92.  Moreover, it is a complete protein source for the growth and recuperation of muscle tissue.

Another important benefit of soy includes higher level of glutamine, which is (10.5g/100g soy protein). It is a nonessential amino acid shown to have an anti-catabolic effect on the body under stress or trauma with its high levels of isoflavones, which studies have shown to have an anticarcinogenic effect. In addition, soy also lowers LDL level in blood thereby reducing the risk of hypertension, atherosclerosis, and other chronic diseases.

  • Sources for Vitamin B-12, Iron, Calcium, Vitamin D and Zinc:

One question must be definitely circling your mind that what are the sources for vitamin B-12, Iron, calcium, vitamin D and Zinc. Being a vegetarian, it is highly recommended that you take vitamin B-12 either in the form of multivitamin or as a fortified soy product. There are many soy beverages that are fortified with calcium and vitamin D as well.

Moreover, Lactovo or Pesco vegetarian need not to worry about vitamin B-12 that is mostly found in animal products. It is important to note that dairy products suffice your requirement of 2.6 mcg for vitamin B-12 as per the RDA.  Furthermore, it is a common practice that many bodybuilders consume smoothies and shakes to fulfill their requirements for vitamins and minerals.

It is advisable that you wisely select your food menu to ensure you are feeding yourself with multitude of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytochemicals that can only be sufficed through your food intake.

  • Being Vegetarian is the way of Life

Veganism basically teaches us a disciplined life whether in terms of your dietary habits or when you are on the ground. This mode of dietserves all of our energy and nutritional requirementsand happens to be far superior in comparison witha meat-based diet plan. Vegan bodybuilding has changed the lives of many people and the concept of veganism is standing stronger than before. Hence, it can be safely admitted that a vegetarian can definitely do bodybuilding, that too, with the help of top-quality protein, carbohydrates, and vitamin sources.