With little creativity and little space at home, you can make a valuable cardio exercise even if you are a beginner. No equipment is needed to practice in your home. With body exercises, you can burn calories even if you can not access the gym.

Body weight training

The cardio exercise should be fast. When you take breaks, you give time to the lungs and heart to regain, which reduces the intensity of exercise. The goal is to combine exercises that are easy to follow so you do not need to stop frequently.

Fortunately, body exercises are usually easy to learn and safe. There is no extra weight you should control or worry about. You do not have to learn how to run on a running device or run any kind of cardio equipment. All you need is your body.
The first thing you need to do before designing your routine is to choose a place in your home where you have enough space to move around. You must have a place to lie down, jump and move from side to side. Ideally, you should have space for a yoga mat and three or four feet on either side.

Exercise Schedule

Now that you have a small exercise area, you can start putting in exercises that suit you. Some of the most classic body weight exercises are squats, push ups, planks and lunges.
If you put these exercises together in a circuit, you will have a quick workout for the cardio. Do one exercise for 30 seconds, then relax for 10 seconds before moving on to the next exercise. After finishing the four, rest for a minute and start the session again. Complete the entire exercise schedule three times.

squats with bodyweight


Start standing with your feet almost shoulder width and stretch your hands in front of you. Drop down as low as possible, keep your feet level on the ground, and then stand up.

Push Up Exercise

الضغط (Push Ups)

If you are having difficulty pressing, place your knees on the floor. When you descend, keep a straight line from your shoulders to your feet or knees, until your nose becomes close to the ground. Then, press the back until your elbow is straight

Plank Exercise

اللوح (Planks)

Enter pressure mode with your forearms on the ground instead of your hands. Hold yourself only with your feet and forearms touching the ground. Do not let your waist dangle, and keep a straight line from your shoulders to your feet.


التبادل بالأرجل (Lunges)

Start standing with your hand on your hips or behind your head. Take a big step forward and plant your front foot. Then lower your knee down to be close to the ground. Keep your trunk straight and stop, and bring your foot back to fit with your front foot.

squats with Jump

السكوات مع القفز

Stand with your feet a little more than the shoulder width apart as you are about to squat. Lower the slats and then jump up as you can from the ground and land down immediately in the slats to jump again. Try to jump continuously for a full 30 seconds.

Lunges With Jump

التبادل بالأرجل مع القفز (Lunges)

With your hands on your hips, take a big step forward with one foot and implant it. Drop your back knee down in the rush mode. Jump and switch your legs in the air with the opposite foot forward and land immediately in the rush position on this side to jump again. Switch between the legs continuously for 30 seconds.

Push Up With Jump

Plyometrics exercises are generally more difficult for your upper body because the muscles are not large and strong. Try this change with a little jump lift at the top.
Start putting pressure on your hands or knees. Lower and push yourself as quickly as possible. Launch your body away from the ground so that it hangs in the air for a moment before landing on your hands. Then, repeat for 30 seconds.