We generally have misconceptions about vegans diet and many weight lifters think a vegan diet might not be an efficient option for muscle gain. They often cite the reason that vegan diet contains lesser amount of protein. However,the fact is that vegan diet enhances any weightlifter’s regime by improving on health and reducing fatigue. We believe that vegan bodybuilders are working even harder to change the overall mindset of bodybuilding arena. There are faced with multiple challenges to basically stick to their motivation. Through their achievements they have been able to promote their concept of veganism and prove it to be a fruitful way of turning bulky.We have many popular examples where some of the renowned vegan bodybuilders have reached newer heights of stardom and fame with their efforts and dedication. Here are some inspiring stories of the most famous vegan bodybuilders.

  1. Torre Washington:

Torre Washingtonstarted competing in bodybuilding in 2009. He got his Pro card the same year. He had a stellar start as he won his second show in the same year. Afterwards there were endless achievements for him. His hard work and dedication paved the way for his success. He has won numerous competitions and out of the sixteen competitions he has being ranked in top 3 in 15 of them. He has always been a brand ambassador towards vegan approach to muscle training and has advocated for veganism on international platforms. He has also brought awareness about dilemma of animals. Moreover, his concept denotes healing the mother earth be living vegan lifestyle. In order to acknowledge his advocacy for animals, he has been awarded Humane Hero Award by the Florida Humane League in 2016.

Torre’s journey continues and he keeps on climbing his ladder to achievements. The legend also felt proud and blessed to grab 4th place at the worlds most popular competition that is Arnold Classic in the classic body building division. Musclemania has also been career progression for Torre. He didn’t lose his hope and courage and kept competing in this renowned event. After 3 years of stiff competition and securing 3rd& 2nd he got his Pro Card and clinched the title in Musclemania 2013 where he secured 1st position.

Our Pick from Torre’s Life:

Torre’s life has been an example of determination and hard work. We can definitely learn many things through Torre’s lifecycle and “Never lose hope” is among one of them. As this legend has brought the concept of Veganism at a Global Level and made it a reliable method for bodybuilding.

2. Karl Bruder:

Karl Bruder is another Vegan bodybuilder who needs no introduction. Karl Bruderbecame a part of the Vegan fraternity in the year 2016.His continued struggle to promote veganism has resulted in awareness for many of us to follow. Karl’s career complies of numerous achievements and awards. Vegan diet has helped Karl in achieving higher strength level that fuels his training which includes the gym on six days per week. He has also been vigorously involved in physical work, and plenty of walking.

He has impressed everyone and has made major advances in body building sport. He clinched the tile of WABBA Grand Prix in the year 2016 and took 6th place at the Mr Universe competition. He also secured 4th position in the PCA Physical Culture. Most importantly he has secured all of the aforementioned titles as a vegan. Can we really imagine how difficult it is being a non-vegetarian muscle builder and competing with the ones who have easy access to multiple sources of proteins? Although it is a taxing task but Karl Bruder stayed of his principles by following the practices of Veganism and promoting it globally.

Our Pick from Karl’s Life:

Karl’s has always been an inspiration for beginners who wish to start off their body building career. Selling a concept of veganism is not an easy task, however, Karl’s devotion to his ideology has motivated and convinced many of us being a part of the vegan family. Karl has withstood many pressures of professional lives that has taught us the importance of being strong. It has also taught us important lesson that if you really want to believe in something then no one can stop in achieving your target.

3. Derek Tresize

Derek Tresize has been in the field of bodybuilding since long. He became a vegan bodybuilder in the year 2007. He is also a personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise. He started off with a 30 days vegan challenge and since then there was no stopping him. He felt that vegan concept of bodybuilding allowed him to shed weight much faster in comparison with conventional mode of muscle training. Derek’s diet mainly comprises of whole plant foods, with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and beans being staples.

Derek has tremendous career achievements that has made him one of the top-ranking bodybuilders representing the concept of veganism in its true light and discredited several associated myths with clear proofs and evidences. He was placed first in three bodybuilding competitions, one of which earned him his WNBF Men’s Physique Pro Card.Men’s Bodybuilding Light-Heavyweight class win at the 2013 was among his favorite titles.

Derek’s training mainly comprises of free weight resistance exercise supplemented with some calisthenics and cardio. Completing it with vegan diet provides him sufficient strength for intensive workout routine.

Our Pick from Derek’s Life:

Derek has been a role model for everyone who is either already part of the vegan family or for the ones who want to have a complete switchover from conventional approach to the ever-popular vegan philosophy. In today’s world opting for any new concept calls for criticism. We can learn a good piece of advice from Derek’s life that nothing is impossible if we believe in it. Plus, you are the best judge in all of your decisions and your hard work will help to achieve them.

Last words:

Vegan bodybuilders have progressed in their careers by going against the wind. These top of the line members of the vegan family are able to break the stigmas associated with veganism and it has now been translated into a long list of their achievements. Their stories teach us the lesson of hard work, determination, courage and consistency as they are essential in attaining success in every aspect of life.