blackberries have many benefits for your body and your health, such as improving digestion, lowering bad cholesterol and many more. Here are all the details here:

The nutritional value of blackberries

The fruits of the blackberries are low in their caloric content and rich in essential and essential food. Each grain of blackberries contains approximately:

13.5 grams of water.
6.45 calories.
5.85 mg of calcium.
0.28 milligrams of iron.
2.7 mg of magnesium.
5.7 mg of phosphorus.
29.1 mg of potassium.
0.26 grams of fiber.
0.22 g of protein.
1.5 mg of sodium.
5.46 mg of vitamin C.
Berriesare also rich in important antioxidants.

Benefits of Berries

Eating raspberries regularly will help you get many important benefits.

1- Improve digestion

Like other fruits and vegetables, Shami berries have the ability to improve and facilitate digestion because of their rich fiber.

Fibers help to maximize the volume of waste to help move it in the gastrointestinal tract, reducing the chances of catching and colic.