When we exercise, our body loses a large amount of water. To be exact, so much so that our bodies can often lose up to a quarter gallon (1.1 liters) of water in an exercise lot. We talked about thirst, did not we? If we reached the stage of thirst during exercise, then we walked in a way too far. Our body will certainly send us a signal when it is thirsty, but the question arises how can we know exactly how much it needs before it is too late? And when?

The answer is simple, the amount of water required per day can vary from person to person. This is the way you work: you will take your weight in pound (GBP 0.4536 per kilo) of what you weigh now, and divide that number to 2. But I advise you that whatever the result is the amount you need to drink as a daily basis. Let’s say, for example, weigh (200 pounds) 90 kilos. The daily amount of water required per ounce is 100 oz of water (2.9 liters) per day. This is the required quantity without exercise as well, however. The next thing you need to know is when to drink your water. Usually, on a normal day, drinking water must be throughout the day. If you are planning to exercise for that day, you must drink a full bottle directly before, and one extra cup per 15 minutes in case you are in the gym. Staying hydrated after your exercises is also very important. Make sure to replenish yourself with another bottle of water immediately after your workouts in order to regulate your body temperature to normal.

This amount of water may seem too much, and it may be much more than the amount you consume on a daily basis. Do not panic because you are still alive, and it is not too late and you are still able to make up for lost fluids. The first thing is, start with a unique daily amount. Keeping up with the amount of water you drink daily is sometimes confusing, but it can also be a lot easier. To keep things less confusing, try to think about the time you spend at work. And also think about the time you spend away from work. But all of a sudden any that are so separate that you can be clear that you actually got your own needs.

Water helps people avoid dehydration. Drought can cause muscle cramps, poor athletic performance, blurred thinking, and sometimes even death. It is true that we need a lot of water than we would think on a daily basis, but drought is something we can not play with. The more you perspire your body when you train, the more you find that your temperature is rising, and you lose more water. All of these things do not push in the end to keep yourself hydrated when you practice?

Did you know that if your body lacks water, it slows down your metabolism? That’s true. Drinking the required daily amount of water can speed up your metabolism and reach incredible amounts. Water works well to speed up metabolism because people usually end up burning 460 calories per day. The reason for this is because cold water is a process of reducing the temperature of the body, so the body has a difficult work is to gain additional heating backup, causing increased metabolism. I offer this as a guide to our customers in the weight loss group.

When your body lacks water, it can become very unhealthy and unable to function properly. Some of the problems that can result from dehydration are:
 Yellow urine has a very bad smell, kidney stones, weight gain, build toxins, migraines, constipation, heat stroke, death. People really do not take this matter seriously. Water should be considered a top priority in every individual’s lifestyle. There is a piece of interesting information you might want and need. Is that you can drink enough water once in case if your urine is clear.

So remember to drink 1 cup of water every 15 minutes in case you are in the gym and stay well hydrated before and after the exercises. The health benefits of water are endless, and the importance of drinking water during your exercises is crucial. All in all, water will burn more fat, to be faster metabolism, and be able to rid the body of unnecessary toxins, to be healthier and appropriate training, and most of all is to stay hydrated. Water and proper hydration are important for people who seek weight loss. As I also say to the weight loss group, fitness is a healthy addiction, once you adapt to the habit, your body will never fail and will not let you down.