If you are a smoker, you will find that quitting this habit has many positive effects on your health. Cigarette smoking is not only harmful to heart and lungs, it also reduces your muscle gains. While you can gain more muscle by exercising as a smoker, the results if you quit smoking will improve a lot.

Smoking makes your heart beats faster

The heart of the smoker beats at an average speed of 30 percent more than non-smoker, which affects the results of exercise in concrete ways. Because your heart is working hard to achieve adequate balance, you can use more energy during your exercises. This increase in heart rate, the resulting increase in blood pressure, reduces blood flow and decreases your overall performance when performing the same exercises as non-smoker.

Lower levels of oxygen inhibit muscle growth

Shrink your muscle growth directly when you deprive your muscles of oxygen. Smoking reduces the amount of oxygen available to muscles in two distinct ways. First, in reducing the rate of blood flow to the muscles, which limit their exposure to oxygen in the blood. Second, because smokers produce more sputum than non-smokers, and impede breathing. This decrease in respiratory activity limits the amount of oxygen entering the bloodstream, so when the flow of oxygen in the blood shrinks, your muscles contract, because it carries less oxygen to them.

How your breathing affects your muscles

The carbon monoxide from cigarette smoke is also mixed with hemoglobin molecules in the blood, excluding oxygen. Tar of cigarettes also accumulates in the airways and limits the amount of air and tar also inhibits the natural cleansing mechanism of your lungs, allowing other pollutants to collect and reduce airflow. It also affects the lung’s ability to lower oxygen supply and thus starve your muscles from the oxygen it needs for growth and development.

How Does Smoking Affect Testosterone Levels?

Having normal or elevated testosterone levels is also of great benefit to you when trying to build muscle. Smoking may damage the cells that produce testosterone in the body. This interferes with your testosterone production and leaves you with less than the average levels of testosterone. Because testosterone regulates the growth of muscles from exercise, so its absence in the body greatly hinders results.

Smoking has an effect on your endurance

Many properties of cigarette smoke can reduce your energy levels in general. Stress on the heart and lungs also makes you less active than non-smoker. And reduces your ability to endure long workouts as well. This loss of endurance may force you to reduce your exercise, limiting the number of repetitions you can take and shortening your time in muscle development.