You aren’t too likely to hear it from the average person you meet on the bus or on the street that they want to gain muscle. In fact, more commonly, people are found to be discussing ways to lose weight. But, the situation is entirely the opposite for the bodybuilding enthusiasts. When bodybuilders talk about weight gain, they are actually referring to adding pounds of lean muscle tissue. This is a goal that isn’t associated with males anymore since females are equally aware of the significance of packing on lean muscle.

Building Muscle- Is It That Easy For Women as For Men?

People often ask about how much muscles can be gained and how fast can we achieve it. We also often observe many studies concluding about the average rates of muscles growth for males and females. It is commonly believed that the rate of muscle growth is higher in males and lower in females. This is merely a myth. It is very important to realize the facts and truths about bodybuilding before venturing onto this amazing journey. When you are well aware of the authentic rates and limits of muscles growth, you are basically able to make informed decisions about taking up a program, supplement, product, or following any guru.

The fact is that there cannot be a definite and conclusive average rate of muscles growth as it fluctuates from person to person. Remember that building muscle is never easy or quick for anyone whether a male or female. You need to set realistic bodybuilding goals because it lets you have practical and achievable expectations about muscles growth. The most devastating mistake that most people (males and females both) make is by expecting too much within a little time.

Getting Factual- How Much Muscle Can You Really Gain?

There is a difference between females and males when it comes to bodybuilding goals and approaches. Men jump from one program to another to ensure lightning-fast growth in muscles mass and even resort to using steroids and drugs to augment the process. Women are different in this regard, in fact, they are the opposite. They although overestimate the rate of muscles growth but they also make sure to not get too bulky or too big. So, as far as muscle growth rate is concerned, the results are yet unknown. It is actually impossible to gain muscle mass quickly without adopting unhealthy practices such as using steroids.

If we consider averages, then it turns out that if a man tries to gain muscles mass using the natural ways such as exercising and balanced diet, then it is possible to gain 40 to 50 pounds of muscle in the lifetime. The average for a woman is 20 to 25 pounds in the lifetime. Remember that we are only discussing muscle mass here and not body weight. You can gain a lot of weight and not enough muscle or vice versa. Moreover, these are merely averages and not a definitive limit at all. There might be exceptions to increment in muscle growth depending upon your willpower, energy levels, diet, and bodybuilding approaches.

Can Women Build Muscle Fast?

Aiming for faster muscles growth and expect weekly enhancement in lean muscle tissue is nothing unnatural. It is quite possible to observe changes in your muscle mass weekly if only you are on the right track. If we consider a week-to-week muscle build-up for females, the average is about 0.12-0.25 pounds in a week. But, this rate is only for the muscle and not the weight. You can even perform better in terms of muscle build-up so don’t take it too seriously.

What you need to grasp is that ideal muscle building workout routine and a healthy, balanced diet is what leads you to improved muscles growth. The process is further facilitated, supported, and augmented by other factors like proper sleep at night, a stress-free mind, consistent workout sessions, and adequate recovery time. Bodybuilding requires you to implement drastic yet favorable changed in your lifestyle and everyday choices. When your body starts responding to the routine and gains momentum, you see amazing results. The sooner this momentum is achieved, the faster would be muscle growth rate.

How to Maximize Muscle Growth?

There are several key bodybuilding basics that women need to follow religiously in order to maximize muscles growth. These include:

  •         Strength exercises are a must especially those involving compound and muscles movements. You must do moves that utilize multiple muscles and joints simultaneously. These may include deadlifts, lunges, squats, burpees, walk, and plyometric moves such as box jumps and jump squats.
  •         You need to lift heavier weights and train like a male to achieve faster muscles growth. Never feel scared of bigger weights. When you lift like men, your body produces more testosterone to deal with the additional stress and this is helpful in building muscles.
  •        Increase your rep speed to place more stress on your body. Ideally, you must be able to perform one repetition after every two seconds and still be able to maintain your form.
  •        Low-impact and light cardio is best to ensure maximum blood flow and optimal supply of oxygen to your muscles. Remember, you shouldn’t go overboard and always lift more than doing cardio.

Final Thoughts:

We live in the 21st century, where information is available at our fingertips and awareness about health-related issues has reached an unprecedented height. Women have realized that adding lean muscle is important for them as it offsets the chances of osteoporosis in the old age. Moreover, it helps them in functioning more actively and performing day-to-day chores energetically. Another great benefit is that gaining lean muscles mass enhances their overall look and appearance. This helps in improving confidence level and self-esteem. So, no matter if you want to add muscle to stay fit, or to participate in a bodybuilding competition, in the end, you will be the one benefitting greatly as you will become stronger, fitter, and energetic.