Bodybuilders should be particularly determined with all they consume if they want to put their best physical abilities in the competition stage. While protein is crucial to muscle building, carbohydrates are also important for energy-saving exercise. Steamed rice is one of the most popular carbohydrate sources for bodybuilders. If you want to take your body to the next level, consider the benefits of adding rice to your diet.

Benefits to bodybuilders

Rice is a rich carbohydrate source and is also easy to setup, bodybuilders. Usually eat five to six small meals that include fat-free proteins and carbohydrates. Rice can be easily prepared in large quantities in a short time, so the bodybuilder does not have to cook for each meal. For bodybuilders in the process of amplification, rice can be a high-calorie food source to help increase its mass.

how to prepare

Rice preparation is important for bodybuilders. Steamed rice is the safest way to cook rice, because it does not require any fat or added oils, as do fried rice. Rice with my favorite spices, but avoid adding salt, because this can cause you to retain water. Be aware that many flavors packaged in cans contain preservatives and sodium, making them less attractive. Choose plain dried rice that you can boil or prepare on steam.

White vs. Brown

Bodybuilders are often attracted to brown rice on white for several reasons. First, brown rice contains more proteins, fiber, vitamins, and minerals because the outer shell of the bran, which gives brown rice its color, has not been removed. It is also slower to digest, making it a stable and long-term source of energy for bodybuilders. The white rice was removed from the bran shell, which turned it into an easily representative power source. White rice can be a good source of carbohydrate after exercise with a protein source – to increase insulin levels and help the body absorb the nutrients needed to start muscle repair.

When to eat

Usually, it is best to eat the majority of carbohydrates during the day, when you are more active and your body needs energy. Think of brown rice with the first two servings of your meals a day and then switch to proteins and vegetables in the afternoon and late evening meals. Before training, rice can help in exercise, and after exercise, can boost insulin and help transfer protein and amino acids to the muscles.