Oatmeal Soup is one of the very healthy and delicious soups. In this article we will review a variety of recipes with different ingredients of the delicious oatmeal soup to choose from.

Oatmeal is a very healthy ingredient that helps to provide the body with the necessary energy during the day, and here we will talk more about oatmeal soup, which you can enjoy in several ways and different ingredients!

Traditional oatmeal soup

You can enjoy the benefits of oatmeal by preparing a delicious traditional oatmeal soup that does not take more than 25 minutes to prepare.

Ingredients of traditional oatmeal soup

Before you begin, you must prepare the following important components:

A cup of natural oatmeal.
5 large tomatoes and cut finely cut.
⅓ cup of onion section.
One mashed garlic clove.
A little salt as desired.
3 cups of water.
2 tablespoons soup broth powder.
A sprinkle of coriander or parsley, as desired.

How to prepare

You can prepare traditional oatmeal by following these steps:

Heat the olive oil in a special cooking pot.
After the oil has been heated, add the oatmeal to it and continue stirring until it is fully sautéed with olive oil.
Mix the tomatoes with garlic, onion, parsley (or coriander) and a glass of water in the blender.
Add the resulting mixture to the roasted oatmeal and mix and stir well on medium heat.
After about two minutes of stirring, add the remaining water to the mixture and wait for the mixture to boil.
Add salt and soup powder, stir well, cover the cooking pot and leave the ingredients slightly cooked and smooth.
Turn off the fire under the bowl and leave the oatmeal aside for about 15 minutes before serving.
The amount prepared in this way is sufficient for oatmeal for 4 people