Change is indeed inevitable be it life or our diet. For vegan bodybuilders, eating the right foods is very important but they often face the dilemma of what to eat and how to prepare vegan bodybuilding diet recipes. Going meatless is although challenging but it definitely doesn’t limit your dietary options or involves compromising upon the taste and quality of food. In fact, you can enjoy a thoroughly satisfying meal when you are on a vegan diet plan and get the most nutrition out of your food when you have prepared it in a healthy way.

Just because you are trying to cut down or cut out on meat and dairy options you should not feel discouraged at all on trying out newer food choices. Never limit your meals to a few items only because when on a vegan diet, you need a higher proportion of calories and proteins. There are so many amazingly nutritious options out there ranging from tofu to quinoa, lettuce, and legumes to chickpeas and beans that you will never run out of interesting new ideas to make your meals irresistibly appetizing. Here we have listed the best vegan bodybuilding diet recipes that you can easily make to get the most from the healthy foods that nature has provided us with. The recipes are protein-rich and totally fit for the eager vegan bodybuilder who wants rapid improvement in muscle mass.

1.Viva La Vida– Quinoa Salad

It is a great recipe because it provides an ideal blend of good fats, carbs and of course the most essential nutrient proteins. You can take it at lunch time or dinner time, the choice is yours.


Cooked Quinoa- One Cup

Chopped Red Bell Pepper- One Cup

Edamame- One Cup

Cilantro chopped- One Cup

Extra Virgin Olive Oil- One Tablespoon

Garlic Powder- Half teaspoon

Salt and Black Pepper- To Taste

Raw Lime- One


Preparation Time: 15 Minutes

Cooking Time: 20 minutes


Boil two cups water and add one cup of dry quinoa to the boiling water. Let it boil for two minutes at least at high flame. Reduce the flame and cover the pot to let it simmer. Keep cooking it for another fifteen minutes. Now, fluff it using a fork.

In another small saucepan, add some water and boil edamame for about five minutes, or until it gets completely cooked. When both quinoa and edamame are cooked well, add them together in another large sized salad bowl and mix all other ingredients to make a scrumptious, protein-rich quinoa salad.


2.Protein Platter– The Mexican Way

This recipe is proof that you don’t need to add lean meat or rely upon unhealthy fried foods to get the required calorie intake. Moreover, it offers authentic Mexican flavor without needing to go to a restaurant.


Brown Rice- Half Cup

Black Beans- Thoroughly Rinsed and Drained One-Third Cup


De-Skinned and Deseeded Avocado- One-Fourth of the fruit

Optional Ingredients

Hot Sause- One Teaspoon

Non-Fat Plain Greek Yogurt- Two Tablespoon


Preparation Time- 10 Minutes

Cooking Time- 0 Minutes

It is probably the simplest of all salads to make. Just toss everything in a big salad bowl and mix your choice of topping, either hot sauce or yogurt or even both and enjoy this delectable protein platter.

3. Wrap and Grab– Tempeh & Lettuce Wraps

If you are looking for a low-carb snack then this should be your go-to recipe. It tastes very refreshing and would keep you fuller until it is lunch or dinner time.


Tempeh- One Cup

Medium sized Sliced Red Bell Pepper- Half

Sliced Onion- Half of one whole onion

Chopped Garlic- One Tablespoon

Olive Oil- One Tablespoon

Light Soy Sauce- One Tablespoon

Powdered Ginger- One Teaspoon

Onion powder- One Teaspoon

Butterhead Lettuce of 5” diameter- One Head


Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Cooking Time: 15 minutes

In a saucepan, heat olive oil and sauté garlic over medium heat. Now add tempeh, onion, bell pepper and mix them up. Keep sautéing for three minutes. Now, add soy sauce and other ingredients except lettuce. When the mixture is ready and has come at room temperature take a lettuce leaf and spoon some amount into it. Simply wrap the leaf and take a bite, you will love the amazing mix-up of flavors and healthy veggies.

4. Tofu Bento– Protein Powerhouse

When it comes to vegan bodybuilding diet plan, protein is the primary nutrient that you need to incorporate into your meals. This recipe is great as a lunchtime option because it doesn’t require much preparation time and you can always experiment by adding a variety of veggies to further enhance the flavor. You can also stir fry the veggies and consume them with brown rice.


Firm Tofu- One Block

Brown Rice- Two Cups

Light Soy Sauce- Two Tablespoon

Powdered Ginger- One Teaspoon

Garlic Powder- One Teaspoon

Onion Powder- One Teaspoon

Chili Powder- One Teaspoon

Broccoli- One Cup

Sliced Red Bell Pepper- One (medium size)

Chopped Green Onion- One-fourth Cup

Sriracha- One Teaspoon


Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Cooking Time: 5 minutes

Remove excess moisture from Tofu by pressing it against a paper towel. Chop tofu into bite-size cubes and keep them stored in a Ziploc bag. Heat olive oil over medium heat in a big sized sauté pan or wok. Add bell pepper and broccoli to the oil and keep stirring until these get softened to some extent. Now in another pan, add Tofu and cook for about five minutes. Occasionally stir tofu to get it cooked from all sides. Take half cup cooked brown rice and top with veggies, tofu and green onion to make the meal a wholesome, balanced nutrition.

5. High-Protein Breakfast Shake


How can we ignore the importance of protein shakes in achieving your vegan bodybuilding goals? At morning, nothing can energize you as instantly as a protein-packed healthy shake. So, why not try out this amazing recipe at breakfast time?


Frozen Banana- One

Unsweetened Soymilk- One Cup

Hemp Seeds- Two tablespoon

Chia Seeds- One Tablespoon

Maca Powder- One Tablespoon

Vegan Protein Powder- One Scoop

Powdered Natural Peanut Butter- Two Tablespoon


This is a very easy recipe to make. Simply place all the above-mentioned ingredients in a blender and keep blending until everything gets mixed completely.