Vegan Bodybuilders are working even harder to change the overall mindset of body building arena. There are faced with multiple challenges to basically stick to their motivation. However, through their achievements they have been able to make a mark for themselves in the industry and promote their concept of veganism. We have many popular examples where some of the renowned vegan bodybuilders havestolen the limelight from non-vegetarian bodybuilders in terms of popularity and fame. These are the weight lifters who have numerous achievements to their tally. They have not only concentrated on making a career for themselves rather they dedicated their life to educate people about benefits of turning to veganism. They are the true representatives of Vegan Muscle Training and only because of them people are now much more aware of concept of Vegan. One such personality is Robert Cheeke, who is a one man show. Let’s find out more about Robert Cheeke.

Robert Cheeke a Legend

Robert Cheeke is one of the most prominent advocates for the vegan lifestyle.It’s hard to basically label his profession. As he is surely a multidimensional and multitalented person. This living legend has stepped into many diverse fields at the same time ashe carries the title of an athlete, an author, a motivational speaker, and an animal rights activist. What else you can ask for? He is also a business professional involved in e-commerce, the sports apparel world, and film production.

Apt Promoter of Vegan Ideology

Robert Cheeke has lived all of his life advocating the concept of Veganism. He also runs a fitness site by the name of Vegan Body Building and Fitness, and also serves as an endorser for Sequel Naturals. He has also served as their National Event Coordinator for United States.

Early Life

Robert Cheeke was born in March 2, 1980 in Corvallis Oregon. He grew up in a farm where he has pleasant experiences interacting with the farm animals. This created his compassion for animals igniting his drive for Veganism. At early teenage, Cheekewas completely transformed into a full vegan and started organizing animal rights events at Corvallis High School.

He has played a major role in pushing the initiation of recycling programs. He has also played a vital role in providing vegan meals to those in need with the help of an organization named Food Not Bombs.Cheeke has always been a proud Vegan and he feels that all of his muscle gains has never been attributed to cruelty diet.

Career Profiling

In the year 1999, Robert Cheeke started off his career as a cross country runner for Oregon State University. However soon he developed his interest in muscle or strength training. He started taking this profession seriously and stepped into professional body building in the year 2000. He didn’t have to wait long to clinch his first title and in the year 2005 he won INBA Northwestern USA Natural Body Building overall Novice Champion. The successes continued for Cheeke through his sheer determination and hard work. Pretty soon he started marking a mark in the body building arena. In the following years he competed in the Natural Body Building World Championship in 2006 and the Northwestern USA Natural Body Building Championships in 2009. He was honored with first prize in his class.

In the Limelight

In the year 2006 Robert released a documentary named as Vegan Fitness: Built Naturally. The documentary was about vegan athletes that includeed himself and other athletes including Brendan Brazier and Tonya Kay. His popularity graph took an up-rise shift as he was voted one of VegNews “15 most influential vegan athletes”. Later on, Cheeke also featured in TV Commercial for PTEA and various television news shows and radio interviews.

Challenges Faced in Vegan Body Building Fitness:

Vegan Body Building Fitness like any other field faced a number of financial challenges. Cheekeapplied all of his dedication to make his hobby into a profit-making venture. In the early years, he also had to cope with the daunting task of attracting and maintaining the level of audience. Although in the initial stages the response wasn’t that good but Cheeke didn’t lose hope and kept moving forward against the wind. Even now the company faces financial challenges; however, the quantum of audience has increased that has driven the revenue engine. Cheeke has applied various marketing concepts to uplift the company. As the company now runs several affiliates programs to have a loyal and committed following. There is an optimistic view to the company’s progress in view of the higher product sales that has helped the company grow in the recent years.

RobertCheeke’sPiece of Advice

RobertCheeke has always placed due share of importance to sources of energy and proteins that we get from Vegan Diet. He terms plant-based protein sources as hidden gem that a lot of people don’t know much about. Although people are sometimes hesitant of the plant-based food items as they are scared of carbohydrates. However, these are some of important sources of energy that can greatly help in achieving the strength training goals. There is a big difference between conventional body building and being vegan as the later provides you with the level of strength that allows you to lift heavy.

True Picture of Diligence:

RobertCheeke’s life has been a complete picture of sheer determination and hard work. It can be a great source of inspiration for all of us. It wasn’t an easy task standing next to conventional body builders and still standing out as the best of all.This legend is a true example of optimism. Through his continuous dedicated efforts, he has even over-turned some of the most unfavorable situation in his favor. His continued struggle to promote veganism has resulted in awareness for many of us to follow. He has withstood many pressures of professional life, and has taught us the importance of being strong. Moreover, Cheeke has also taught us an important lesson that if you really want to believe in something then no one can stop you from achieving your target.

Last words

Vegan bodybuilding was a big stigma in the bodybuilding arena for those who wanted to drift away from conventional mode of muscle training. Cheeke has played his due part in basically reviving this concept that has allowed many vegan bodybuilders to step into this category of bodybuilding. Furthermore, he has also dedicated his entire life to creating awareness for veganism through his company and through a variety of other platforms. We can learn a great deal about the importance of turning vegan and how self-confidence and determination can lead to achievement of even the hardest goals.